Guiding Principles

Community Support Systems recognizes its role as being a leader in services to persons with disabilities. It is necessary for all staff and volunteers to work in partnership toward the betterment of persons with disabilities. To this end, the following guiding principles have been drafted as focusing points to provide a vision for the future. These statements should assist everyone involved with CSS to make decisions.

Community Support Systems believes that:

  • Every person with a disability has the capacity to learn and grow;
  • Every person with a disability should work, learn and live in the least restrictive environment;
  • Every person with a disability should be provided integration in education, employment, recreation and housing with the non-disabled population;
  • Calculated risks will provide opportunities for growth for persons with disabilities;
  • Consumers' interests come before other considerations;
  • Persons with disabilities should not have to be institutionalized or reside in nursing homes;
  • Up-to-date technology should be sought and provided to persons with disabilities; and
  • All rights of persons with disabilities should be fervently protected.