Rest Area Supervisor

Primarily responsible for the daily cleaning of the Rest Area according to established procedures and standards. Supervises assigned workers insures that the work tasks are completed on an equitable basis. The work schedule is subject to change and may include evenings, weekends and holidays.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities include the following. Other duties may be assigned.

  • Cleans restrooms, floors, lobbies, walks, windows, etc.: empties trash containers, sweeps sidewalks and maintains Rest Area grounds according to established standards and the IDOT contract guidelines.
  • Supervises, provides training and assists assigned consumers in developing appropriate work habits, skills and attitudes. Provides an appropriate worker role model while working along side consumers.
  • Demonstrates and uses a variety of motor driven equipment for lawn care, cleaning and material handling (ie. riding lawn mower, backpack blower, weed trimmer, floor buffer/scrubber)
  • Performs all work satisfactorily while maintaining a cordial relationship with Rest Area users. Follows all IDOT and ARC procedures for meeting and providing services to Rest Area users.
  • Follows established procedures in operating a safe, efficient work area and keeps the Rest Area clean at all times.
  • Supervises assigned workers to insure that all tasks are completed according to standard.
  • Advises and works cooperatively with the Rest Area Manager concerning the daily operations of the project.
  • Insures that all equipment is operated and maintained properly.
  • Drives the ARC vehicle from one side of the Rest Area to the other during assigned shift. Transports Rest Area attendants, equipment, materials, etc. Operates vehicle according to written procedure.
  • Maintains records and reports and performs other related duties as assigned by the Rest Area Manager.
  • Assists and substitutes for Janitorial Crew Supervisors as needed. This may include any shift; evenings, holidays and weekends.

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