It’s our 60th YEAR ANNIVERSARY & we are ready to CELEBRATE with game time!!    3 times each week during April & May, a CaSSie the CSS Camel will be hidden throughout Effingham County area for a Facebook game of Hide and Seek!


  1.  Check out Cassie the CSS Camel’s hiding place on CSS’ Facebook page to see posts of where Cassie is hidden.  A post will contain a close up picture of Cassie where she is hidden and a clue that will point people in the right direction of where she is hiding including the town name.
  2. Seekers go out looking for CaSSie.
  3. When you find her, take a broader picture of the area where she’s found & post the picture in the comment on the original post to say she is FOUND!
  4. Bring CaSSie back to the CSS Business Office at 618 West Main Street in Teutopolis for either a “I Busted My Hump to Find CaSSie the Camel” or CSS t-shirt!



Join the Fun and Find a CaSSie Camel in the CSS Community!



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