It’s GAME TIME! Several CaSSie the CSS Camels sponsored by CSS and area businesses are hidden throughout the greater Effingham, IL area for a Facebook game of Hide and Seek!  Here’s how it works: Check out the Cassie the CSS Camel group on Facebook to see posts of where Cassie Camels are hidden.  A post contains a close up picture of Cassie where she is hidden and a clue that will point people in the right direction of where she is hiding including the town name.  Seekers go out looking for CaSSie.  When they find her they take a broader picture of the area where she’s found & comment on the original post to say she is FOUND! Then it is their turn to hide CaSSie, take a close up picture & create a new post with the photo and clue (including the town) for others to find.  The game continues.

Want to win a “I Busted My Hump to Find CaSSie the Camel” Shirt?
CSS will be holding random drawings each week for people who post in the CaSSie group!

Join the Fun and Find a Wayward CaSSie Camel That Has Wandered Away From Our Caravan!

Want to Add a Camel to Our Caravan?
Click HERE to Sponsor a CaSSie Camel.


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