Wellness Program

"We learn something from everyone who passes through our lives…some lessons are painful, some are painless…but all are priceless."

- Unknown

"Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm."

- Ralf Waldo Emerson

The Wellness Program is offered at the Developmental Training Center. The curriculum for the Wellness Program was developed at the University of Illinois at Chicago specifically for adults with intellectual disabilities. The 12-week program meets three times a week and improves physical fitness, increases knowledge for a healthier life style. It also teaches family, staff and friends how to support participants in achieving, and maintaining, their wellness goals.

Positive outcomes are a driving force behind this fun and interactive program. All participants have their own locker and workout gear as well as a fitness journal. They wear a heart monitor during physical exercise and have their blood pressure checked before and after each workout. Blood sugar levels are also monitored for diabetics. Participants must have their physician’s approval to take part in the program.

Graduates of the Wellness Program show an increased knowledge, a more positive attitude and greater confidence towards their ability to exercise and make healthy food choices. Weight loss, lower blood pressure, decreased blood sugar levels and increased self-esteem have all been noted as positive outcomes of this innovative program.