The Magic of CEO

The Magic of CEO

Mind Kontrol
Saturday, February 4 @ 7:00 pm

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Mike D’Urzo is an international award winning magician and mentalist. As the founder and creative director of Mega Magic, he performs in hundreds of shows annually for some of the largest corporations, theatres, theme parks, festivals and television networks.

D’Urzo was the winner of the “Canadian Entertainer of the Year” award by the Canadian Event Industry Awards. He was the five-time recipient of the “Performer of the Year” award presented by Festivals & Events Ontario. He was awarded in the “Top 10 Magicians Worldwide” by the Wedding Industry Experts Awards and received the Reader’s Choice Award for Best Entertainer by Special Events Magazine.

His unique style of magic and a modernized approach have made him a popular form of entertainment at virtually every type of event.

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